Ultra micro Racer


64mm Motor To Motor Brushless

With constant effort to push the boundary of how small a brushless setup can get, the Swirlie was born.  
Designed to be a small, simple setup, the Swirlie looks sweet and performs indoors and out.  
It's 64mm sized (same as Inductrix), brushless, full removable prop guard, and tough. 

 60g AUW with 300mah 2S Battery

60g AUW with 300mah 2S Battery

Lightweight and Nimble

40g without battery and 60g with battery, this little flier is lightweight, nimble, and literally bounces off obstacles. The nylon prop guard and TPU "struts" allow the prop guard to flex and takes hits rather than snapping carbon fiber. 


Nylon Prop Guard and TPU Struts 

Nobody likes breaking stuff.  The Swirlie is design with a lightweight nylon prop guard and flexible TPU struts to bounce off walls instead of break.  While the Swirlie is designed for durability, no quad is indestructible at a decent weight.  That's why the part STL are posted for free on Thingiverse.  As long as you have access to a printer, you can print your own spare parts.  Carbon fiber frames are available outside of a full kit for this reason as well.


Unique Frame with 40% more Swirls!

The frame itself is cut from carbon fiber with a unique shape full of swirls. It's fun and gives the craft 40% more swirls than other frames on the market!  Wow!


Variety of Colors and Options

Winder Wonder Works and 65drones both offer unique colors and styles to add flair to the Swirlies. From Mixed Nuts color packs to hydrodipped and dyed props guards, there's a lot of options to have your Swirlie stand out in the micro crowd.